KS Orka shares highlights of its 3-years of geothermal development in Indonesia

Video snapshot (source: YouTube/ KS Orka)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 25 Sep 2018

Chinese-Icelandic geothermal developer KS Orka has shared an interesting video highlighting the company's activities and milestones over the three years since it entered Indonesia.

Chiese-Icelandic geothermal developer KS Orka recently shared an interesting video showing milestones of the company and its activities in Indonesia.

In less than three years, the company has acquired large project portfolio in Indonesia, engaged three drilling rigs and secured 120 MW of proven steam under well head.

KS Orka is developing the Sorik Marapi 240 MW geothermal project, one of the largest greenfield projects in Indonesia. KS ORKA is the 95% owner and developer of the project.  The other project of the company in Indonesia is the 30 MW Sokoria geothermal project on Flores Island in Indonesia

The company is also active in Europe, where it has developed a combined geothermal heat and power plant in Turawell Hungary, where KS Orka is the majority owner and developer of the project. In Serbia, the company cooperates with NIS oil and gas company on developing the first geothermal power plants in Serbia.  Fu

The company is also developing business opportunities in Croatia, Kenya and Turkey.

The first power plant of its Indonesian development began test operation earlier this year.

Source: KS Orka via LinkedIn