PGE’s 55 MW Lumut Balai geothermal plant in South Sumatra ready to start production

Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 19 Dec 2018

With construction concluded and running tests successful, the 55 MW Lumut Balai geothermal power plant by Pertamina Geothermal Energy in South Sumatra is ready to start operation, waiting for the go ahead by PLN.

The Indonesian government was hopeful to add another 95 MW before the end of the year, as we reported, but it is unclear if that will be managed by the companies developing these projects.

Construction of the 55 MW Lumut Balai geothermal power plant in South Sumatra is completed and running tests have been successful. The development cost is estimated at about US $ 120 million or equivalent to Rp 1.74 trillion.

According to the Director of Exploration and Development of Khairul Rozaq PLTP, the PLTP is expected to start commercial operation in 2019, but there are hopes PLN could support the connection to the grid before the year end.

The Lumut Balai geothermal resources is estimated at supporting up to 100 MW of geothermal power generation capacity.

Source: Detik